Commercial Water Filtration

High Volume Industrial Water Purification

For the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Food sectors, ultra-high purity water is not a luxury, it is a necessity. For any industry or commercial enterprise running dry means shutting down, and loss of customers or reputation.

That’s where Aqua Filtration can make the difference to your company and help ensure customer retention regardless of whether you operate a medical clinic, a swimming pool or a brewery.

Aqua Filtration High Volume high purity water filtration and purification systems for Industrial, Medical and Municipal scale use.

Working in conjunction with industry-leading suppliers, Aqua Filtration East Africa offers a wealth of previous consulting and project delivery experience at the commercial and industrial scale. Designing modular filtration systems to tackle the full range of localised water purification challenges.

Commercial Water Filtration Brochure

Community & Municipal Water Filtration Aqua Filtration East Africa

We understand that every industrial water filtration project tends to have unique requirements and that’s why it’s vital that the Aqua Filtration team have a proven track record delivering water infrastructure at scale.

We’ve included a PDF Brochure covering many of our previous Systems & Industrial Projects in order to illustrate the variety and types of systems successfully installed by the AquaFiltration - AquaControl group of companies.

If required, you can download a free copy of the Adobe Reader Software.

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