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Community Water Schemes

Building on our long-term experience in the domestic and commercial markets, Aqua Filtration made a decision some years back to enter the community & municipal sector. Here we are treating water for entire new build housing projects, multiple occupancy flats or housing districts.

Community-level water purification is designed to deliver fresh safe water for multiple (typically 50 – 1,000) houses or flats via a much larger centralised water treatment system, rather than many individual units in every household or business premises.

Local Authority and Community Group Water Filtration Systems by Aqua Filtration East Africa

We provide several base systems which can be scaled up or tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project. To provide the right solution we confirm the condition of the proposed raw water supply onsite, the desired flow rate, or output, of purified water and the amount of space available at your location for the treatment installation itself.

Optimal Water Filtration from any Water Source - Aqua Filtration

Typical raw water sources include streams, rivers, boreholes, or deep wells. Naturally water taken from each water source has its own signature chemistry based on the local geology and other factors.

In all instances, our water purification and filtration systems process raw water through several key phases of treatment designed to tackle the challenges of the local water source.

  1. In the First Phase we are removing any floating debris, coarse or granular dirt, silt, sediment, Iron, and Manganese.
  2. The Second Phase of treatment ensures bacteria and other heavy metals are eliminated from the water supply.
  3. Third or Polishing Phase the water runs through a range of finishing stages to ensure the clarity and purity of the water is correctly suited to the end-user. This can include Active Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis or Ultra-fine Filtration systems. We treat the water according to demand paying close attention to the required outflow rate and pressure.
  4. In the Final Phase the polished water is directed through a stainless steel/glass chamber where it is exposed to an incredibly powerful source of ultraviolet light. This UV disinfection process neutralises any remaining bacteria or viruses in the water. This results in the removal of any Legionella, Cholera, Influenza, E.coli and many other unwanted microorganisms. This vital final phase of water treatment is critical to the wellbeing of residents or guests, and prevents the spread of diseases within the community, helping to people safe and healthy.

Adaptable water Supply

It’s possible to deliver water at the appropriate level of filtration required by any specific processes, helping to reduce costs and maintain flow rates selectively according to need. Some examples include:-

  • The Chef in the Kitchen of a hotel needs odour free drinking water.
  • Dishwashers in the kitchen require a water supply free from sediments.
  • Window cleaning equipment must leave a streak-free finish.
  • Power washing of cars requires neutral water with no mineral residue.
  • Bottling companies require ultra-high purity potable water.
  • Toilets do not require Ultrapure drinking water and can bypass RO Filters.

Following consultation, Aqua Filtration builds the complete system on-site in your dedicated building location, or we can supply production-ready filtration systems in ISO Shipping Container units for easier and rapid onsite setup and high security.

Water Filtration and Purification systems custom built into ISO Shipping Containers or installed in suitable buildings.

Intelligent Process Control

Using the latest centralised microprocessor control units, it’s possible to automate the entire process, with systems carefully measuring the water flow rates at any given time. At peak times when demand for water increases, additional filtration units can be brought online with system managed control valves. Extra Capacity of purified water is drawn from the extra filtration units, automatically keeping pace with the required flow then shutting off when demand drops to conserve water resources and energy.

One of our newest additions is the Mobile Solar Water Purifier which has a capacity of 15 litres per min and green energy consumption of 0.35 kWh max. With a weight of approx. 110 Kg and a minimal footprint it ican filter out particles, microorganisms, cryptosporidium cysts, chlorine, bad odour, taste and other harmful chemicals. These units are particularly useful where electricity supply is unreliable or not yet available. The Solar systems are also ideal where the noise of a traditional petrol or diesel generator would be undesirable.

Mobile Solar Water Purification system

Examples of Municipal Builds

Aqua Filtration Experienced municipal Water Treatment equipment providers and servicing

Water at Scale

With the Aqua Filtration modular build approach to water systems, it’s possible to configure treatment plants to tackle the toughest water conditions, scrubbing all contaminants from the raw water to produce crystal clear drinking water.

The desired flow rate can be estimated conservatively meaning the ability to comfortably deal with high flow rates and time variable demands.

Experience shows that Municipal water filtration & treatment projects require close onsite liaison and careful pre-installation survey work to ensure the best possible outcome for your mid to large scale potable water projects. Clean affordable drinking water is critical to the success of any housing project, and that’s why Aqua Filtration is on hand to ensure the best outcome for modern or retrofit projects.

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