Emergency Mobile Water Purification

Civil and Humanitarian emergency drinking water supply.

When disasters or emergencies occur be it in Kenya, Ethiopia, or anywhere else, Aqua Filtration have a proven track record providing the solutions to protect public health. People cannot live safely without a supply of clean drinking water, this is something we all know. The failure of water infrastructure or contamination of water sources presents an urgent threat to life. Rapid rollout of our Mobile Water Treatment and filtration equipment can save lives and reduce the suffering of people, animals, and crops.

Mobile and Off-Grid water purification

Our Mobile water treatment systems can filter brackish or freshwater supplies from surface or ground water sources. We supply compact water purification systems in a range of sizes capable of running via mains electricity, mobile generator or fully off-grid solar units. Their unique design and portability make for flexibility and re-assurance for communities, local or national administrations, or humanitarian relief agencies. Once purchased, your prepositioned units can be rolled out, installed and activated quickly and easily by land, sea or air.

Explore our range of Mobile Water Filtration equipment.

Mobile RO Purification units

Our reverse osmosis water purification units are designed to be used as a mobile system to purify brackish or fresh water sources, bringing water supply up to drinkable water standards for humanitarian or military purposes.

The mobile water trailers operate either with a generator or on a fixed 220 Volt electricity supply and are fully automated systems that are easy to operate and use. The trailer unit should be located within 30 metres of your raw water source. Pumps and hoses can then easily be placed wherever you want using the fitted hose reels.

The systems feature push button starting and an LCD display to manage operations. The unit will automatically sound an audible alarm when a problem is detected with a visual display described on the LCD panel.

The included Sand and Carbon filters are maintenance free, and the RO membranes are cleaned automatically during operation. Should membranes become blocked by an impurity, they can be flushed with the chemical mixture included in the cleaning tank.

Aqua filtration - Mobile Reverse Osmosis Portable trailer water cleaning and sanitisation System

The 400 series unit is designed to deliver 400 Litres per Hour under ambient conditions, filtering inlet water with up to 3500 parts per million of debris or dissolved impurities. The unit is highly water efficient and able to deliver between 90% to 99% output of clean water by volume from the original inlet flow making these units ideal where water conservation is a factor too.

The 2400 series Mobile RO unit is capable of purifying around 2400 litres of potable water per hour depending on ambient temperatures from raw water with total dissolved solids lower than 7000 parts per million. At lower temperatures the production capacity of the MWT2400 will decrease as is usual with most membrane-based osmosis systems.

Mobile Reverse Osmosis Portable trailer System

This system can be stowed in a standard 20″ ISO Shipping Container for road or rail transport and is also ideally sized for delivery by cargo aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules or C-141 Starlifter. The system design simplifies global logistics for humanitarian relief projects or military distribution.

The unit is 3900kg fully loaded and is fixed on a single-axle trailer with ground clearances of 38.5cm which allows for good mobility in rough terrain. The unit can be operated by a single person and can be prepped for supply of potable water within thirty minutes of arrival onsite.

All components used in the system are robust and protected against corrosion, drinking water production meets or surpasses the requirements of the EPA and WHO standards.

The MWT2400 trailer unit is a self-contained system featuring standard equipment as follows:-

Reverse Osmosis membranes, pressure vessels, cartridge filters, storage tank, feed tank, raw water pump, generator, electronic control panel, pressure switches, flow meters, valves, membrane cleaning system, dosage tank and output pump.

Mobile RO Purification units

Off-grid water purification benefits:

  • Extremely fast setup before usage.
  • No need for any chemicals or additives for cleaning the water.
  • Works extremely quietly with an electrical pump.
  • Very low energy consumption from a renewable green source.
  • No ongoing fuel delivery and purchase costs.
  • Certified filtration which meets the WHO standards.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
Aqua Filtration's Solar Powered Off-grid water filtration systems

The benefits of softer water

With these systems it only requires sunlight to produce good quality drinking water from underground waters, ponds and rivers by filtration and disinfection with UV Light. A washable pre-filter cleans the incoming source water from particles such as leaves, twigs and coarse sediments protecting the finer sediment filter from premature clogging.

Mobile Solar Water Purification system

How does the system work?

The fine sediment filter removes groundwater sediments and acts as a protection for the next stage. The Carbon filter stage removes even the smallest micro-organisms like Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma Cysts.

Carbon Filtration also removes herbicides, certain volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, bad odour, taste and many other harmful chemicals & contaminants polishing the water to a crystal-clear state. Typically, the Carbon filter will have a one-year lifespan.

The polished filtered water is then channelled past an Ultra-Violet light disinfecting process with the ability to kill the bacterium and viruses like dysentery, Legionella, Cholera, Influenza virus and E-Coli along with many other unwanted micro-organisms up to 99% purity preventing infectious diseases spreading in the community.

Mobile ISO Container Solutions

Container systems are generally preferred if facilities have space limitations. Theses fully assembled and tested units are easy to ship and mean there is no need for additional building space or construction. Suitable ambient conditions to enable the devices to operate properly can be ensured through the provision of full internal insulation and heating where required.

Water Filtration and Purification systems custom built into ISO Shipping Containers

The Capacity of these single container systems can go as high as 80,000 litres per day depending on the water quality available at your source. Bigger systems can be configured with two to three complete container units delivering up to 200,000 litres per day according to your requirements.

Mobile 20/40 ft Shipping Container Drinking Water Plant

  • Water coming from a borehole, river, lake, or sea.
  • Incoming water flows first over a primary filtration system.
  • This system removes the dirt, silt, chlorine, and sediment from the water.
  • After this the treated water flows into the secondary drinking water filtration stage.
  • Second Stage consists of either Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Filtration unit.
  • Outgoing treated Water achieves or surpasses World health organisation standards.
ISO Shipping container Water treatment Plant

Aqua Filtration’s range of Mobile Drinking Water Systems are ideal for use anywhere from a Hotel to a Factor, or to act as a temporary Emergency drinking water plant where local services have failed or require re-configuration.

Mobile / Containerised Bottling Plant

20 or 40ft Units, Semi or Fully Automatic.

  • Stretch blow moulder semi-automatic
  • 0.2 – 2.0 Litre Bottles
  • From 700 – 2800 Bottles per hour output
  • Neck Diameter from 28 – 64mm
  • Screw air compressor
  • UV Disinfection, filling, capping and labelling machine
  • Optional air conditioning, Inkjet date coding & generator

AquaFiltration provides a range of Mobile containerized Water bottling plants, fully installed and ready to ship. Combine with a suitable mobile or fixed water purification system and a choice of Shrink-wrap machine. This solution can be used to produce a highly mobile, easily distributable drinking water supply for domestic, emergency and aid agency utilisation.

RO easily fits inside Kitchen Cabinets

Aqua filtration East Africa - Mobile Water Bottling Plant in Shipping container

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